Everyone Is Not Equal…but the Offer to Purchase tries to make them so

Ten offers to purchase will be on the table in front of a home seller this weekend. These Offers will look remarkably similar. The Offer to Purchase form is the Great Equalizer in that it is loaded with common buyer protections. Not all buyers need or want common security. There are uncommon Buyers who have greater Sincerity, Commitment, Tolerance for Risk. These are the Buyers who Sellers are looking for. Our job is make sure the Offers we draft tell the unique story of our client. Checking the common boxes and filling in the blanks, leaving untouched the unnecessary protections is one way of doing business. It’s not good enough and we can do better.

In the hands of a skilled Realtor® or attorney, a unique Buyer story can be told. The story is one of  competence, confidence, security, commitment, sincerity, and ability. When the true image of the Buyer is presented to the Seller the decision to go into business with the safest person is easy for the Seller. When the right Buyer and Seller are in a contract the outcome is almost assured.

Before a home Buyer can decide what they are willing and able to do, they have to know their options and the implications of their choices. Today let’s see if we can do more to uncover a person’s true story and then get started sharing that story by writing unique Offers for our unique clients so they stand out as one of the people who aren’t like the others.

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