This is Our Contract. A perspective of collaboration.

“I gave my Offer to you. You didn’t accept it. You  sent a counter offer.  I accepted your Offer. Now you owe me something.” 

Whether we admit it or not, that’s a fundamental mindset of the buying and selling process. What if we changed the perspective from yours, and mine to ours? The Offer is mine, the counter offer is yours, but this Contract is Ours. It’s possible confrontation would dissipate and leave more room for collaboration.  Rather than debating who conceded last we would be looking at terms to discover the answers to “What did we agree to?”

Collaboration is a high level of negotiating where each party takes time to see the transaction from the perspective of the other side. With the view from the other angle, buyers and sellers can decide where they will give a little to get more of what matters instead of tallying wins on inconsequential matters and leaving the other side looking for a win of any kind just to get even.

Begin with the end in mind. Work with clients to craft contracts of collaboration.  Seek the collaborators and pass on the competitors.

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