Business Partner or Friend.

Selling your real estate  is somewhat like seeking a short term business partner.  The same attributes you want  to see in a business partner: courageous, able, prepared, committed, are what you want in buyer partner.  So it makes sense that red flags indicating fear, unprepared, uncertain, marginal ability, and lack luster commitment would cause hesitation. Both people could be very good friends, but only one is likely to be a responsible business partner.

What do the terms of your Offer to Purchase tell the Seller about you? Potential partner or friend?  Customize your offer. The business partner would.

Order of Things

A real estate license is a permit to be held accountable to legal standards of performance, not a certification of license law capability.

It’s tempting to think the 40 hours of class and a fill in the blank form is all we need to start a real estate career. But of course we know learning comes first.

Why do we that?

Why do we do what we do? Once that question is asked, somebody will start to ponder, and eventually discover that the answer in part is: Because we always have.

The person who raises attention to another way will meet resistance.  Being an early adapter is risky.  Seeing what other people deny or resist will not make you popular in the status quo club. But, we don’t change the norm to be popular. We change the world to enhance the lives of people.  Only a few years ago this country was dependent on the oil of foreign nations. Automobiles still look the same, but not for long. Somebody asked “Why” and very soon auto transportation will not include 4 wheels, a steering column, and a trunk.

Change is only inevitable when we question intent, purpose, expectations, processes. Why do real estate purchase contracts all look alike? Just asking.

When the best interest of your buyer client is an accepted Offer, Customize

The attorney and real estate licensee are able to, with little effort, protect the buyer from any form of harm in a real estate purchase.  Most of the work was done by the creators of the WB Offer to Purchase forms. For an extra layer of bubble wrap, individual firms created addenda with a buffet of buyer-safe contingencies. Until the market flipped to a seller’s market, buyer-safe contingencies galore were acceptable in Offers.

And then the market changed and Sellers owned the upper hand in negotiations. The WB Offer forms and addenda stayed stuck in time (2011 for the WB 11) and the market ran away from the Offer.   Unless the drafter of the contract, whether lawyer, public, or the real estate licensee, effectively discusses drafting options with the client, the Offer to Purchase submitted by the most ready, willing, able buyer will appear just as risky to the seller as any other on the table.

Standardized forms cost home buyers billions every year because when everything looks the same to the seller, the only difference maker is price. It’s easier than you might think to customize the Offer to fit your buyer client when you view the contract from the seller’s perspective. I’ll show you how to customize your next offer.


Mass Produced Offer Documents Cost Home Buyers Thousands of Dollars.

You can have any color car you want, as long as you want black. The Model T was built efficiently in mass production assembly line factories,  for anyone who wanted to get from here to there on their own schedule without depending on a horse.  The mass production model groups everyone into the same box. By standardization, the producers have control, and the product is reliably consistent, even if it’s not reliably effective.

The residential offer to purchase documents (including firm crafted addenda) are  inefficient, unreliable, products costing the American home buyers billions of dollars annually.  Real estate values are pushed up and beyond the reach of a large segment of the population because these documents reduce even the most attractive buyer to ordinary. When critical terms of the Offer are equal on paper, the only difference maker in the eyes of a home seller is PRICE.

Smart Realtors know how to customize an Offer for their buyer-clients, to make the document work to their advantage while giving the owner all of the security they desire at a price they are willing to accept. A customized Offer tells the owner everything they want to know about the buyer’s commitment, ability, reliability to make a decision to commit to sell to them.  Oh, sure some people want to know about families, career, where you’re from, what you look like, how much you love their decorating, but they won’t make a commitment to take unreasonable risk because of your personal story.

Customized Offers are the solution to rejection. Customized offers don’t cost you anything. In fact, they are more efficient, more powerful, more fair, more acceptable, and can be the difference in thousands of dollars in the price you pay to own your first choice home. 60 Seconds to a Customized Offer