When the best interest of your buyer client is an accepted Offer, Customize

The attorney and real estate licensee are able to, with little effort, protect the buyer from any form of harm in a real estate purchase.  Most of the work was done by the creators of the WB Offer to Purchase forms. For an extra layer of bubble wrap, individual firms created addenda with a buffet of buyer-safe contingencies. Until the market flipped to a seller’s market, buyer-safe contingencies galore were acceptable in Offers.

And then the market changed and Sellers owned the upper hand in negotiations. The WB Offer forms and addenda stayed stuck in time (2011 for the WB 11) and the market ran away from the Offer.   Unless the drafter of the contract, whether lawyer, public, or the real estate licensee, effectively discusses drafting options with the client, the Offer to Purchase submitted by the most ready, willing, able buyer will appear just as risky to the seller as any other on the table.

Standardized forms cost home buyers billions every year because when everything looks the same to the seller, the only difference maker is price. It’s easier than you might think to customize the Offer to fit your buyer client when you view the contract from the seller’s perspective. I’ll show you how to customize your next offer.


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