How are you different?

Have you noticed the trends real estate firms are chasing? Limiting service in the race to the pricing bottom is one. Mass customization is the other. We’ll concede the win in those areas to the firms best equipped to cut service.

Real estate service can be cheap. It can also be cheapened. The harder route is to make real estate service essential, and valuable.  We choose to go where others won’t; the harder road is less traveled. To live where others fear, all we have to do is know what matters to our clients one client at a time. Every person has their unique perspective, dreams, and concerns. The giant retail way sees every person as one who desires lowest cost and tolerates marginal quality.  That’s not us. Our clients demand fair pricing, and expect quality performance.  Fairness is relative to the quality. Where others fear they can not maintain high quality, they counter with limited service. Commit to less, charge less, be held to lower standards is one business model. Not ours, but it is an option.

By living in a learning, questioning, discovery centered environment, our agents prove themselves effective in personalizing service individually. They know how to hear you, and how to apply the solution tools we own to accomplish your intentions. Limited service might be the answer to  a questions we’re not contemplating.  More service, with greater quality and properly delivered is our way.

When you  can’t afford to be cheap and under served, talk to us. We agree with you.



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