Banana Bread is Made With Experienced Bananas

“You know what I meant.” That’s the first response a REALTOR claims when their ambiguous contract term is interpreted literally (as it’s written).  Knowing ambiguity when we see it is what we are licensed to know.  We are also expected to be able to put thoughts into coherent sentences with enough detail for people to know what we wrote.

The key ingredient in banana bread is overripe bananas. You can say banana bread is the produce of experienced bananas.  Experience is often touted as an important consideration when hiring a REALTOR. Experience on its own is overrated. (And I have experience.) We all know a person so experienced that the business has passed them by and they’re still practicing in 1972. (That’s the way we always do it.)  The world  if full of experienced professionals who are inexperienced and incompetent in the areas which have gigantic risk potential for clients.  This is where you don’t know what you got until it’s needed.

The value of a REALTOR in a transaction is unknown on day 1; maybe expected, but the extent of the value is not known. A $30,000 commission looks like a lot of money for what someone thinks we do, and that same $30,000 looks like a bargain when we deliver an outcome that accomplishes the most important objectives of a client. Experience is not the overriding factor in value. Knowledge is. With knowledge of contract structure, proper grammar, sentence structure, and an ability to articulate thoughts in writing will boost the relatively new REALTOR over the heads of many.   The desire to learn things that can empower a client and be the difference between success and failure is the energy to move you forward to learn.  The good news is this desire is there for the taking. Regardless of experience, we can grow if we want to. We don’t have to be green to grow, but we will rot if we settle for ripe.


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