The Asset You Own

The asset you own is what determines your value.  You determine the price you charge based on your opinion of the value of your asset.  Deciding your value is the job of someone who measures your asset against their problem. It’s interesting that I do not decide my value or your problems.  I control only what I do everyday to build my asset.

For real estate licensees looking for an asset to build might look to the Wisconsin Real Estate Law Manual for an asset which will lift them high above the ability of most people in the field. When you can be trusted to find solutions, articulate agreements that work, and construct contracts that meet the test of law, you will have value. You will earn clients.

Everyone can do the easy work well enough. That will get you by until it doesn’t. Doing easy well enough or better than most will sustain a person until they tire of the mundane or get passed up by people who want to be more. Few people can do the hard work with excellence. Every day there is an opportunity to improve our contract knowledge assets. For every improvement we make in the area of contracts knowledge, our value increases for the public.



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