When full price, cash offers, no contingencies, closing whenever the seller prefers are the most attractive terms a seller can get, it’s logical that every contingency included in the buyer’s Offer diminishes the appeal of the Offer in the eyes of a seller.
On the flip side, every contingency in an Offer protects the Buyer, allowing them time to do their due diligence before being obligated to close. Time and exit opportunities on the Buyer’s side put stress on the Seller. As long as the contingency exists a door to exit is open, and the Seller lives with fear of something going wrong.
Some contingencies in a WB offer and Addenda are irrelevant to some buyers. By knowing what matters most to this buyer, we give our clients the opportunity to decide what stays and what goes from the WB Offer and Addenda.   When the purpose for which a contingency exists is of no concern to the buyer, the contingency  only decreases the Buyer’s chance of having their Offer accepted.
Checking boxes and filling in blanks the way its always been done is standard practice. It’s not good for the client, but it’s simple for the REALTOR. When thinking of implications is not part of the conversation, no serious consideration of options, no “what if” questions, it’s safe to expect the Offer that comes out will have ultimate Buyer Protection and very little Seller appeal.  It’s more than unfortunate when well qualified people lose the house of their choice because of such a simple flaw. And it happens too often.
SRE agents study real estate contracts. They learn to eliminate terms which diminish their client’s Offer,  and structure terms that work for their Buyer clients.  Our approach is to make the Offer reflect the Buyer’s intention, ability, strengths, and fearlessness when that’s the case. The payoff for our clients, if the price is good enough for the seller, should  be an accepted Offer.

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