This is not for everyone

We desire to be uncommonly good at something. Feeling we belong is a common desire. The intrigue of belonging fades when a group becomes common.

Six years ago I set out to contribute to the development of real estate skills in people who desired to achieve. With a three decade career in real estate, and an interest in the legal aspects of our field I decided I had something worth sharing that could be valuable if shared, and worthless if it wasn’t.

The first name I had for the opportunity I offered was Skill-build. I envisioned building skills or learners. I changed the name to Skillshare when I realized I could only control what I contributed. If there was going to be any building, the learners would have to do their part. The first sessions attracted four or five people. In a company of over 150 people, no more than three dozen people attended my Skillshare sessions at any one time. Eventually the core group of attendees totaled a dozen learners, but a typical group on Thursday mornings was eight. That core group was a mixture of relatively new, and seasoned Realtors. Most of them achieved the success they defined for themselves, and the success the firm expected of them.

Skillshare was not intended for everyone. It never will be. Learning is a choice and that’s what makes Skillshare effective. Learning requires we change. Learning challenges us to defend our beliefs with facts held up to the light of the law, professional standards, and the code of ethics. If the seeds of learning are going to take root, beliefs based on incidental experiences have to be set aside to make room for fact based evidence.

Skillshare begins on January 9th. It’s not free; the price of admission is your time. If you give me the privilege of your time, I promise what I have to share will help you achieve your vision of success.


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