Buying or Selling Real Estate is NOT Stressful.

Despite what we hear in the common broker marketing strategy which uses threat of danger to motivate people to hire REALTORS, the stress is not from the act of buying or selling. The disorder in between the beginning and the end of buying or selling is the cause of stress. The actual buying or selling real estate is easy. To begin and end the process requires no expertise. It’s the middle ground after start and before finish where your expertise makes a difference.

Stress is fear based. We fear we will not get what we desire when we want it, we will lose what we gained, or someone else will get what was to be ours. Anxiety, nervousness, worry are all feelings which come and go throughout a process of doing anything new. Where the seeds of discomfort rest, it’s reasonable in a sadistic sort of way, to expect someone will inject uncertainty and doubt into the mix to increase the value of an implied service. If that’s the way you like to do things, you aren’t alone. But if you desire to be better, or uncommon you have choices.

Choosing to be the person who shows up with a reassuring attitude, equipped to soothe fears, capable to bringing order to the disorder is a kinder, softer way to be part of the real estate conversation. Understanding our business, and human nature is required to take this higher road. Patience is necessary. Confidence in yourself and your service is mandatory. Respect for the person we might service is essential. That respect allows them space to say yes, or no. It’s always possible a person can not afford our fee, or doesn’t need our service. We are not for everyone. And for those who need orderly results from people who care, we’re for them.

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