This is our business, not our opinion.

From the outside looking in anything might look easy and possible. From the inside looking out, we’re looking at opinions based on no evidence or the wrong evidence. Allowing the outside to influence our actions based on opinions unsupported by proof, at the expense of staying with what you do that you know works, is a choice. Choose to believe what you’ve proven and consider the opinions. But don’t concede to pressure to appease.

One real estate firm in the Madison area sells more million dollar lake homes than any other firm in the market. It’s not even close. This is a fact supported by evidence. Indisputable evidence. The firm has a plan. They have a style, and a method. They have trust in their plan. They got to their plan by learning what works today and implementing those strategies. They do not bend to the whims of opinions. They don’t concede to pressure to abandon their plan to implement proven ineffective strategies or to try what they have not proven effective. Good ideas abound. Results of plans are evidence that the idea is effective or not.

The lake home expert real estate company’s plan works. Other ideas might. When you already made the smart choice to work with the proven effective firm, why is it still tempting to direct the show? Patience.

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