We didn’t have to be told

Did you spring the clock forward Sunday morning? Neither did I. It just happened. Reminding and being reminded to spring ahead, and fall behind was a big marketing theme for, well, all my life. Without being aware we ran the risk of arriving too early or too late for Sunday mass.

Technology has just about eliminated any mention of springing, and falling. Most time telling instruments are self dependent today. No need to do anything more than trust the technology. There are still a few clocks in our lives that need attention. Older model cars will tell you you’re an hour early for work today. But we will adjust even if adjusting the clock is something we have not figured out. Mentally adjusting without manually correcting is certain to fail us when we can least afford to fail.

Trusting technology is the way the world is going. The masses will be dependent on somebody knowing what to do when the source of power goes out. Those who know how to adjust for themselves will always have an advantage. Thinking and doing for ourselves is a skill we choose to develop. It takes some work, but it’ll be worth it.


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