Fear No One. DIY Real Estate.

Know what to look for. Know what you want. Negotiate success by knowing what the contract says.

Fear is a great motivator. Marketing experts quickly turn to fear messages to drive customers toward their business. Maybe this is a first choice option when a business owner knows their offering isn’t appealing enough to attract customers. Even if fear messages inspire some people to rush to be saved, what’s the net effect of fear messaging on a business?

The real estate industry has a long history of banking their business on fear marketing. Analytics are readily available to measure the consequences of any marketing message, and I wonder what the evidence shows about the impact of inspiring people by fear? Without a study, I’m going to believe short term favorable results do not equal long term consequences in the same way that crying wolf, “FIRE!” in a crowded theater causes suspicion, not action, as a first response in the future.

When a real estate business warns consumers that they see a world of risk of loss, dangerous consequences, and potential for peril in a real estate sale, I’m not going to disagree with them. People who see opportunity as risk probably do so for a reason—they’re well versed in causing complications in a transaction. It’s entirely possible a real estate transaction is risky in the hands of the fear monger.

Through the efforts of the State of Wisconsin, attorneys, bankers, and REALTORS, standard real estate contracts are designed to make sales in Wisconsin relatively simple, and fairly safe for residents. As the years go by more good and not-so-good ideas become part of the real estate contract and the document balloons to nine pages, and then to 11, or 13, or 21.

Trigonometry, rocket science, brain surgery and statistics are complicated for those who don’t know what the scientists know. For those who commit themselves to the practice of science and math solutions to the problems come quickly.

Real estate is not rocket science. But it’s also not point and click, check this box, not that one, fill in this blank with this, and that one with that. With a logical understanding of the pre-written provisions of contracts it’s easy to develop a base of competence to confidently negotiate safe and sound terms regardless of who’s on the other side.

With confidence in place of fear, fewer errors are made, fewer chances are taken, and expectations remain reasonable. No promises you’ll net more money or buy a home at a discount. But I do promise your opportunity for peace and happiness without fear increases dramatically by knowing a little more than the folks on the other side.

I believe better transactions are better for our industry. I’m not offering free market price opinions. Anyone can do that. But I will meet with you to help you learn what the contract says. No charge. The payback is in the long term.


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