Becoming an Obsession

There are things we want in life that we just have to have. We’ve decided “This is it! Gotta have it. Going to get it.” Partillo’s Chicago Dog was my gotta-have-it thing yesterday. Check out their history. Becoming an obsession is a start, and exceeding expectations for decades is a smart business strategy. And yet, is that what we do?

A common business strategy is to see what we want, and go get it. An easy trap is to thing we can sustain a business by getting more of what we want. In reality, businesses last because they become what other people want, and have to have. You don’t get their being a lot like everyone else.

Every product or service is not for everyone. Those that try to be end up becoming something everyone can replicate. Nothing special. Recognized, but not necessarily desired. A commodity does have a market value if that’s the goal.

Looking around the real estate business I see some talented people who create something special, and strive to continue to enhance the experience beyond customer expectations. It’s uncommon to be wanted. And it’s possible. Visit Partillo’s in Madison this weekend. You may never have a reason to go to Chicago again.

Author: Tom Meyer, Owner-Broker, Essential Real Estate, LLC Madison, WI

The real estate transaction, disclosure, and confidentiality are the business of a Wisconsin licensee. It's in the transaction where the skill of the licensee, and their commitment to the law where the public is protected or placed at risk. What you see REALTORS do to brand themselves and their firms, promote their service, advertise, and process paper do not require a license. I believe negotiations to create and honor a real estate purchase agreement is where the agent has the greatest value in a transaction. Paying professional fee rates for the administrative services is a choice consumers deserve. Old business model driven commission rates are taxing the home equity of American home sellers. Essential Real Estate was created to put more money in the hands of the consumer by eliminating expenses for the firm and charging a fair price for the real real estate service.

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