Everything looks good at the buffet.

Nothing says you have to start on one end of the buffet, not the other. Free to choose, I know I should start with a salad. (I don’t.) The salad and protein make a filling lunch. Nothing else is necessary. By keeping the saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol off of my plate, I have all the food I need to be satisfied, and my health protected. I know that. And the restaurant owner knows satisfied and healthy is not why I’m there. A 2000 calorie buffet meal is well within reach. In the end I’ll be full. Not satisfied. In fact probably a little unhappy with myself.

The way for me to eat at a restaurant and leave satisfied is to order off of the menu. Skipping the buffet, where there’s something for everybody, and all mostly unnecessary for me is the wise choice.

If the real estate offer to purchase began with a promise for a promise, and a handshake, it’s now the worlds biggest buffet of ifs, ands, ors, buts, and maybes. Contingencies are the extra dessert. The third helping of mac and cheese with sausage and bacon. Fried chicken, and ribs. Creamy slaw, and strawberry flavored jello.

A 15 page offer to purchase arrived for a client of mine last week. Either the buyer was piling the plate with everything that looked good, or the drafting agent was serving a little something of everything to satisfy the client. A multi point counter offer eliminated the dangerous fat, unnecessary carbs, and processed sugar. We removed what was dangerous for the seller and unhealthy for the buyer’s intent of owning the house. The counter offer was accepted as-is.

When your offer isn’t accepted sit on the other side of the table and look at your offer from the perspective of the seller. If your offer looks like a tray of plates piled high with saturated fat, salt, and sugar get out of the buffet line. Order off of the menu. Good chance that 3000 calories isn’t what you need to be satisfied.

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