Simple or Challenging? Do we really want simple?

Customers are people who look to us for a product or service. Customers have expectations which vary depending on factors out of our control. Exceeding the expectations of some customers is simple. For others, we are challenged.

If simple and challenging represent points on opposite ends of a spectrum, and expectations move the needle one way or another, given the choice why would we not prefer simple? Because anyone can do simple.

The simplest expectation to achieve is zero expectation. The person who has no expectation of us is probably not a customer or a potential customer. They either don’t exist or they are a customer of someone else. It’s simple to exceed expectations of people who aren’t doing business with us. They are never unhappy with the service or product we didn’t provide for the money they didn’t pay to us.

The challenging customer can’t work with just anyone. They seek service or products from those who aren’t built to satisfy the simplest customer. They do business with the few people who are up to the challenge; believe in what they do, and do what they do for a reason worth believing in. When you know your intent is to be effective, not just accepted, no challenge will derail your confidence and commitment.

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