Learning is free. Owning a misconception; that’s expensive.

Everything we believe we learned. Unfortunately everything we learn is not correct, accurate, or up to date. Misconception is not exclusive to the inexperienced. Even seasoned real estate professionals wade into peril relying on what they once heard, or once did, or thought they heard. Laws change, expectations change, the business changes and if we remain content to go with what we think we know we are sure to fall behind.  A lot of experience and little continued learning are a dangerous mix with the consequences compounded when relatively inexperienced agents watch and learn from experienced mentors. 

Learning resources are at your finger tips 24/7 through your membership in the WRA. All you need to learn something new or change a misconception is activate your account at WRA.ORG, or open the emails with the Weekly WRA Legal News.  The 7/29/19 Legal News Weekly addresses a half dozen misconceptions:  agents walking blindly into mortgage fraud, exposing themselves to the opportunity to defend their belief they can’t be held accountable, ending up on the wrong side of license law by telling an agent to revise and resubmit an offer, inadvertently mishandling trust funds, and the consequences of expectations in rental property transactions. 

Learning is not training. Learning requires your mental participation in analyzing and contemplating logical, rational, historical information. Deep learning is fueled by your desire. People seek learning opportunities for the value of what learning will mean to the service they deliver. Best of all, you do not have to attend a seminar to learn what you need to know to practice at the highest level of competency. There is no fee to pay.  Your only investment is your time and attention and desire to be the agent who is independent of flawed ideas and misconceptions.  WRA.Org is your ticket to freedom from fear and dependency on people who only appear to know something.


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