Maximum Possible Outcome

Regulating an industry is done to police licensed professionals. Regulations set the boundaries for legal practice. To obtain a license applicants take a mandated course and then a test. The course is intended to present (not necessarily teach) the minimal legal requirements. The test shows how well the applicant remembers. There is nothing to measure whether or not the applicant has learned to the level necessary to practice with competence. To qualify for the license, the minimum score required to pass is slightly above average. Exceptionalism is not required.

If the initial license was only qualified the person for additional learning and competence building the public would be served by fewer Real Estate agents who have a higher level of knowledge. But it doesn’t work that way. The person who made only the effort to learn the minimum legal requirement to pass the test holds the same license as the committed learner who knows what to do (the minimum) and aspires to learn to ask Why to learn more so she can effectively and legally change outcomes for the public. Why is what differentiates the learner from the test passer.

Licensees have the opportunity every morning to decide to be learners. Those who recognize the maximum possible action will deliver an outcome beyond expectations pay the price, make the effort to attend to the learning how much higher they can practice within the law to deliver the maximum possible results.

When it’s easiest to settle for the minimum legal requirements and still present yourself as competent, more people will choose to end their learning and get on with practicing on the public. Blind confidence (fake it till you make it, or break it) lets you walk to the edge. When consequences arise, the first thing to go is the confidence. He runs for cover to find blame and seek protection.

Skillshare is a learning opportunity for those who want to know the law, what we are permitted to do within the law, and WHY the law is at it is or WHY the contracts are what they are. Once you know the WHY, the magic happens when you learn to produce the maximum possible outcomes for your clients. Vaulting above average puts you in a place where few of your peers will venture.

Settling for the minimum legal expectations is something anyone can do and many do. You may not like what you’re learning and you may not agree with what you’re learning or think it’s relevant to you. Keep showing up and when that thing you didn’t like to learn, or think is relevant, stands in front of you, you’ll not flinch. You’ll guide your client through, around, or away from trouble and discover how valuable it is to have questioned something and worked to apply your new knowledge. Average is OK to be licensed. If that’s your maximum intent.

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