Offering A Perspective v. Criticism

Knowing the meaning of the words constructive and criticism, we would never put the two side by side.

There is no such thing as Constructive Criticism. Oh, I know it’s a common term, but you wouldn’t use it if you knew the definitions of the two words. One is to express disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. The other word is: To build up. Serving a useful purpose.

This is what you do when you do what you call constructive criticism: I express my disapproval of something about you I perceive to be a fault, and I am doing this for the useful purpose of building you up; by tearing you down with my own judgment…. which is not necessarily based on factual evidence…but my biased perception. No. There is a term, but no such thing as CC.

Offering a perspective, on the other hand, is constructive. It’s not criticism. A perspective is another way of looking at an issue or idea from an angle the other person may not have seen or considered. A perspective is offered with respect for the the recipient; with freedom to accept it or reject it. A perspective is about intentionally sharing to assist a person. Words matter. Knowing definitions is important to express your intention. You will always be known by your intention.

Author: Tom Meyer, Owner-Broker, Essential Real Estate, LLC Madison, WI

The real estate transaction, disclosure, and confidentiality are the business of a Wisconsin licensee. It's in the transaction where the skill of the licensee, and their commitment to the law where the public is protected or placed at risk. Essential real estate services are specified in real estate license law. Those services are worth professional fees. Paying professional fee rates for administrative services is a choice when an alternative exists. We are that alternative. Old business model commission rates are taxing the home equity of American home sellers. Essential Real Estate LLC was created so our clients keep more of their home equity, spend less on broker fees, and receive skilled representation in negotiating purchase agreements.

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