All The Way to Yes

Zig Ziglar said, We can get everything we want in life, when we first help enough other people get what they want.

In the business of real estate, helping people get what they want depends on negotiating skills. Wishing, praying, demanding acceptance of offers we write are not effective skills. To develop a skill people who achieve goals look at what they believe right now, and then ask WHY. We can all do this.

Think about any belief you have, ask yourself Why is this true today? Why do I believe this or do that? It’s eye opening to see the things we do become habits and those habits we trusted may no longer apply to reality; something changed, and we didn’t adjust.

With the intention of helping more people get what they want in real estate transactions I’m adding a Podcast to this blog. The first interview are underway. You’re going to like what you hear from guests. These people challenge themselves to rethink, question what is, and embrace other ideas. They tend to arrive at solutions earlier than most people in their field. Learning what they know, why they believe what they believe, allows you the choice of adopting their strategies to your real estate endeavors.

The Podcast is called Accept This! it’s in development and should be available by mid September. Take a listen to a version of the Intro I’m sampling.

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