Coronavirus and Your Home Plans.

I believe in science. When scientists say a virus is dangerous, there is a good chance following their advice is the prudent thing to do. When I think about our parents who are in lockdown in senior care facilities, I understand the precautions are not so much about keeping me healthy. They’re about keeping me from unknowingly becoming a carrier and infecting those least able to recover from the virus.

Buying and selling real estate is something most of us can put off to tomorrow. Being part of the solution is not. A pandemic is a novel experience for our generations. Like all life experiences, this one too will pass, and lessons will be taught. Whether they are learned will be up to us. We were shown a harsh lesson in the first decade of this century. Denying a bubble was building and encouraging people to disregard the naysayers contributed to the humanitarian crises referred to as the housing market crash of 2006. We have a new opportunity to be better. And I believe we are up to the challenge.

Should I buy it? Should I sell it? I don’t know. No one knows what someone should do when it comes to housing. The question is so much more complicated than finding the lowest rate of interest. Buying, renting, staying, selling are all decisions that should be made based on personal facts and risk tolerance with the help of qualified experts.

Recovery will happen

Sooner or later, scientists will get the upper hand on this virus. And when they do, we will begin our process of recovery. Maybe the opportunities that are missing for people who can’t outbid the competition will come again. Perhaps some people will drop out of the buying market and commit to a new lease. I suppose those who refinance at 3.0% will decide the home they are outgrowing is just the right size with their new right-sized mortgage payment. People will still move. Employers will again recruit from out of state.

The market can stand to adjust. We will all be OK. If buying, selling, staying, moving is best for you, you’ll decide. We’re ready to be a valuable resource for you. We work with facts, and we implement logical customized plans. You’ll make a decision that you’re comfortable with, and one that works for your family. There is no one more equipped for this decision than you.

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