Politicians Need to Get Out of The Way

We never know what we don’t know until we pay the price to learn. Two weeks ago, optimism was the weapon of choice to protect Americans from Coronavirus. The guy in the Whitehouse called the tragedy a hoax; the democrats were scheming to make him look bad. (No scheming required). 

Once the stock market went into a free fall, the suits marched up to the podium and began their spin a new tale of hope with more lies. We can see how the guy has solidified his power by watching supposedly intelligent adults stand in front of cameras and heap praise on Adolf before uttering their lines. We know this is an act. We know it’s deadly to many Americans. But do we know how deeply this act contrasts with the Constitution? A wannabe dictator can not be part of the solution conversation. Where are the Patriots?

Patriots probably don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice for long. Standing against evil and stupidity is a dangerous business. There are patriots among us. The first one to stand directly in front of the guy in the Whitehouse and tell the world the buy is wrong is Dr. Anthony Fauci. When everyone on the podium and all of the President’s enablers, bow to his fragile ego, one brave expert is willing to die literally or professionally for the Country.  

While people like Dr. Fauci are risking their lives to keep people alive and to find a medical solution, people like the Republicans are hammering away American Health Care. People like Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick promote the notion that older Americans should die for the sake of the American economy. Knowing he will never have to stand up and show his courage, this guy boasts that he would gladly give his life for the economy. Call the bluff. 

When told the president said doctors want to shut down the world for a couple of years, a Doctor replied, If it were up to doctors, we’d save as many people as possible. 

Politicians stand at podiums giving alternative facts to preserve their political support when they could be seeing that doctors have ventilators and protective gear. The doctors are Patriots. They’re the ones making decisions on who lives or dies because the Country is ill-prepared for this catastrophe. 

The price of politicizing every issue is being paid by people who are least able to protect themselves. Constant fighting for power has dire consequences; and they are always paid for by the elderly, sick, young, and least capable of surviving. Politicians, please sit down. 

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