The Gift of Solitude

Solitude is the gift we may choose to receive when we accept the limitations of events we can not control. Life as we knew it ends swiftly with or without tragedy. Something as tragic as the death of a family member or as inconvenient as a stay-at-home response to a pandemic will leave a person alone against our will. Fifteen years ago I lived the tragedy. The pandemic related isolation reminds me of that spring-summer-fall-winter of 2005 in the way both experiences are doorways to the health benefits of solitude done well.

The solitude experience is peacefully invigorating. I do not believe good things come from tragic events. Good people who experience tragedy have a choice to accept what is and do good or resist and do harm. Whatever your feelings are about social distancing and work restrictions an alternative to anger and resentment is acceptance and exploring solitude. These opportunities are few and far between. There is nothing good about a deadly pandemic. Good people are choosing to do good for humanity all over the world. We are all not on the front lines but we all can explore doing something good for ourselves and people around us. Exploring solitude is free.