If your agent was trained, you’ll pay while they learn.

Training a pet works like this:  When I say SIT, you sit, when I walk, you HEEL. At intersections, we do the SIT thing every time. Why? Because that’s what the trainer said. 

Training a REALTOR is similar. On this line, you put an X in this box. You write this word in this blank. You include this contingency every time. Why? Because that’s what the trainer said. 

Professionals invest their own money and time in learning.  

The price of training a REALTOR will be at the expense of clients and customers. Training may be sufficient to give a person just enough awareness to get started, but not enough to make a difference for the client and customer when knowledge is necessary, and it’s always essential. We built our business knowing the fact that the real estate industry is training-minded. Training is practical for getting boots on the ground in higher numbers quickly. Boot camp is for foot soldiers in training. Elite soldiers are taught, challenged to think, to learn, and make mistakes at their expense, not at the cost of others. 

In easy markets, a trained agent may make enough money to keep coming back and doing the same thing without trying to learn more. In tough markets, they quit. They quit in the last recession only to return when the market rebounded. The skills they did not have before were costly to clients then, and the lack of those skills and the new skills they aren’t learning cost the public again. 

You don’t know what they don’t know until you need what they can’t do

A fundamental failure in any service business is failing to learn the WHY behind what we do. When you know WHY something is as it is, you learn to know when and where something fits and doesn’t fit. Knowing WHY is the critical element in avoiding traps of a likely unappealing outcome.  

They won’t see it until it’s too late

The person who is represented by a trained agent is at a disadvantage. They won’t know the consequences until they feel them, and their agent won’t see what’s coming until it’s too late…for the client. 

All transactions are not alike.

You can protect yourself from paying the price of education for your real estate agent or attorney by listening for what they don’t know. You can tell if they are trained or educated. The trained person has few ideas. They can’t explain WHY they do what they do, other than to say, that’s the way I was trained…or that’s that way our company does it. The trained person is probably well versed in lead generation and manages a lead capture system. They do this, that, and the other thing, and when they capture a lead, they do what they’ve been trained to do the way they’ve been trained. You may never know the cost you paid for this training. 

Expect More

Expect the real estate professional you hire to have ideas about using your strengths to your advantage. Expect them to know you are not the same as the client they once had who did X, Y, Z. Expect them to be able to see what’s hidden and clearly explain complex scenarios. You will get what you pay for, and you will pay for what you get. At Essential Real Estate, we think you should be the beneficiary of our investment in learning. The results of our clients’ experience prove we exceed expectations. 

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