The Power of Choice Over Conformity.

A lack of competition results in higher prices, inferior products, and suppression of innovation. Having a choice is a powerful force. Until notified otherwise, Americans are free to choose the services they want to pay for and products they want to own; bigger, smaller, yellow, blue. But what happens when the choice is limited to a blue or a lighter shade of blue.

Henry Ford gave us the Model T. When he was running them off of the assembly line as fast and as cheap as possible, he told the consumer they had a choice. They could have their auto in any color they choose, as long as they chose black.

Essential Real Estate began as a solution to a choice problem in the residential real estate service market. There is no shortage of color of real estate firms in Madison, WI. Color might be enough of choice to satisfy the car buyer in the 21st Century. Different colors and a variety of sizes do not benefit the consumer in price, service, product, or innovation; the four areas necessary for a favorable consumer market.

We believe real estate service, as licensed, is not something that can be limited and still be called real estate service. Time and again, the world proves that adding non-essential chores, frills, and activities to anything has a definite impact on increasing cost, and an insignificant difference in improving a product, service, or consumer experience. Conforming to expectations is a choice we rejected. Essential Real Estate is a choice for home sellers to keep more of their home equity and spend less on broker commission… a lot less.

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