Who’s Problem Is Being Solved?

Every business exists to solve a problem. Do we know who has the problem the business owner aims to solve? Some real estate firms want you to solve their problem; they’re easy to see when marketing like this:  Help! We need listings!   There is nothing about this plea for help to solve a Realtor’s problem that inspires anyone to step up and be part of the solution. But that has never stopped brokers from appealing to sympathy.

Who is the product and who is the customer?

Self Inflicted Problems 

In the real estate world, a listing agreement or a buyer agency agreement is comparable to a business order, and business orders are revenue-producing documents. Businesses have expenses, and paying those costs is dependent on revenue. To generate revenue, a REALTOR needs business orders. Without agency agreements, the agent and Firm have a bill-paying problem. When expenses outpace income, the problem is self-inflicted and not the consumer’s responsibility to solve. 

 To Serve or Be Served

A business built to generate revenue with the hopes of making a profit has a fundamental difference from a company established to solve a problem other people have. The attitude of scarcity permeates through a firm that claims to exist to serve. For the company created to solve a problem for other people, the mindset of abundance prevails. 

Just ask, Why do you exist?

By claiming to think differently about real estate and doing the same, everyone is as useful to people with a problem as changing the font helps improve poor writing. Slogans are meaningless when everyone can say the same thing about themselves. To know a person is there to serve you or be served by you is easy to figure out. Begin to discover if you are the product or the customer by asking a REALTOR what they know about the reason their firm exists. Ask the agent why they are in business. If the answer isn’t about being a solution to your problem, you’re a solution to their problem. 

Essential Real Estate Exists to be a choice for homeowners who want to keep more home equity and a preference for homebuyers who want to own the home of their choice without overpaying. 

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