Essential Real Estate, for people who want to keep more of their home equity.

We’re not for Everybody. Some people don’t care about their financial well being. Saving money, spending wisely, getting more for a dollar might be a way of life for some folks, but not everyone. Essential Real Estate, LLC exists for home sellers who prefer to keep more of the money they’ve accumulated in home equity.  

Built to Increase Your Bottom Line

The typical American home seller has a mortgage that is less than the value of their home. The difference between the debt and the market value of a house is home equity.  This equity is the pool of money drained to pay the costs and fees associated with the home sale. A broker commission of $24,000 might be 6.0% of a $400,000 sale, but if the equity is only $100,000 after paying the mortgage, the commission is a whopping 24% of available cash. When we look at broker fees as a percentage of home equity, we see a problem worth solving. Essential Real Estate exists to decrease the costs of selling a home and increase the bottom line of the home seller.  

Smart Pricing and Smarter Negotiating

Home equity is lost when we pay for non-essential or overpriced services.

Essential Real Estate charges $499 at the time the listing contract is signed, and 1.0% of the sales price at closing. We help our clients make a smart decision about the amount of money they promise to pay to a buyer agent. Our average client pays a total of 3.4% of the sales price in broker commission. The difference in dollars compared to a person who pays a 6.0% commission is about $10,000.  

Home equity also gets burned up in unwise negotiating errors. Clients of Essential Real Estate get wise advice to avoid the trips and traps hidden in purchase agreements. The home seller who commits to an Offer that allows the buyer opportunities to renegotiate price and terms later when all other buyers are gone could be spending their home equity dollars, again and again, to get to closing.  

It’s About the Equity

We built Essential Real Estate for (1) people who want to keep more of their home equity for themselves when they sell, and (2) people who want to get their offers accepted on homes they want to own, and do it without overpaying. The way to buy without overpaying is knowing how to structure a proposal to give sellers the security they desire more than the money. We do this every day. 

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