Four Elements Give The Full Advantage of a Seller’s Market To Our Seller Clients.

When combined, there are four elements in our control, giving our clients more advantages in this seller-favorable market. As far as I know, Essential Real Estate, LLC, is the only firm designed to use the resources of real estate agency rules and liberties to allow homeowners the full advantages of this Seller-Favorable-Market. 

There is a formula we believe to be effective in satisfying our seller clients well beyond the good feeling of a quick sale. The four factors of our method are (1) Net Equity. (2) Smart Pricing – Fair Fees. (3) Safe Terms. (4) Confidentiality. 

Net Equity

What would you rather have, the price that you think your home is worth, or more equity after paying fees and costs? It’s the equity you want. We achieve the equity goal by controlling price and expenses. 

Smart Pricing – Fair Fees

The right price for any property is open for debate. There is always someone who will offer more money. Whether or not that person can meet you at closing with the money in hand is essential. High prices and weak commitments are easy to spot when you’ve seen it all before and ask the right questions. Our home valuation process will show you if the price is likely to be verified by an appraisal or if we need to take precautions to avoid renegotiations later in the process. 

Fair Fees When time on the market is measured in hours, not days, and multiple offers are most likely regardless of who represents you; the real value is in the skill of the person representing you. We charge $499 plus 1.0% of the purchase price and our emphasis is negotiating the transaction. You don’t pay us to “market” your property. Homebuyers find homes listed on the MLS on the internet,,, There is no real cost to be seen where people are looking for homes.  

Buyer Broker Compensation I looked at 53 recent sales. Fifty-two of the owners paid a brokerage fee of 3.0% of the sale price to the buyer’s agent. Owners of high demand homes can choose to negotiate the buyer broker fee that they will pay when they see the Offer. An offer with favorable prices and terms might we worth 3.0% to the seller if there are no better options. But in this market, we see buyer agents are happy to accept less than 3.0% to help their client get the accepted Offer in competition. Why our clients pay an average of 3.4% in total broker fees is your business. Ask us about our WHY.

Safe Terms

Contingencies exist to protect the buyer more often than the seller. In simple terms they say, Maybe I will buy your house. Maybe I won’t. When I know this or that, I’ll let you know.  Any contingency that puts the buyer in a position to renegotiate or walk away is dangerous for home sellers–and all contingencies give someone leverage. There is a provision written for everything that could arise regardless of how inconsequential it may be to the parties. Offers loaded with contingencies get that way because the buyer wants escape alleys, or because the agent who drafted the Offer didn’t give the buyer an informed choice.  


Real estate disputes have a common element. Somewhere along the way, one licensee said something to another licensee, and that something was flawed or restated incorrectly. When agents take it upon themselves to work out details without the principals signing off, someone is likely to be disadvantaged. We don’t speak for our clients, and we don’t pass along requests. All communication in a transaction should be between the buyer and seller, and the proper communication methods are Amendments and Notices. Conversations between our clients and us are confidential, the same as conversations with real estate customers. 


A favorable seller market has a lot more opportunities for home sellers to profit and be safe. The Offer documents designed to balance the playing field or tip the buyer’s advantage can be crafted to be more advantageous to the seller when the agent knows what we know.


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