It’s a question of democracy or tyranny. Vote against trump in every race.

Democracy is fragile. Our run of 244 years might have exceeded the expectations of Benjamin Franklin’s generation by 234 years. Democracy dies from the inside out; the people who vote and those who don’t decide its fate. I haven’t lived long enough to say this is the worse. Just long enough to know, trump is an immediate threat to this country’s democracy. There is no single issue to place above liberty when deciding who to vote for on November 3rd. If the National Association of REALTORS is straddling the fence or supporting the current administration, they’re again on the wrong side of history. 

Property Taxes, Home Sales, Tax Deductions. All Irrelevant.

 These are not normal times. A lunatic is in the White House, and we put him there. The consequences of leaving him there are inconceivable. Removing him and his band of fascists and loyal stormtroopers is imperative. The checks and balances to prevent the United States from sinking into tyranny have fallen one after another. The last line of defense is the vote. This election isn’t about which candidate convinces you they agree with you on property taxes, the importance of home sales, or tax breaks. We have to forget about immediate gratification and vote to remove this human stain on decency in favor of stopping the fast slide into a black hole. Every country that traded democracy for autocracy regretted their choice. The job of removing dictators becomes dirty and deadly once free elections vanish.

Unite and fight with votes while you still can.

The days of selecting a candidate based on their stands on issues important to real estate are in the past. We either vote for democracy, or we vote for tyranny. Can the National Association of Realtors and local associations please take a stand against trump? No, I won’t capitalize trump.

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