Love Letters to Sellers: Fair Housing Violations Slip in; Knowingly or Otherwise.

*A letter to the seller: We are Brittany and Kristopher Austin. Our daughters are Elizabeth and Michaela. The crowd of people at your open house today is a sure sign you will have more than a few offers to consider today. We just sold our home, and we know it is challenging to know you’re selling to the right family when all you have is an offer to purchase to consider. Our realtor suggested we add a letter and a photo to our proposal to help you see your home will be a perfect fit for our family (Our two girls might be the same age as yours were when you bought the house.) The photo was of our family volunteering at the Save The Lakes day last summer. It was fun to see it’s a cause you’re interested in too. (We also distribute Thanksgiving turkeys to less fortunate families each year.) We would love the opportunity to join the neighborhood of West Elm. I noticed your girls graduated from St. Mary’s Academy, where our girls are in the 3rd and 5th grades. We are St. Paul’s church members, and living just two blocks away will make it easy for Kristopher to continue leading Bible Study for adults. P.S. Like you, we are graduates of UW Madison, where we met 15 years ago. 

*A fictitious letter from a fictitious couple made from actual sentences I’ve seen in letters to sellers.

National Association Of Realtors on Love Letter Liability

Since 2017, I’ve written about this practice as trampling on Fair Housing Laws. The messages contained in letters like this, intentional or not, take the conversation of the transaction into Fair Housing Violation territory. REALTOR members who disagree with me tell me “Love Letters” help their clients get their offer accepted in competition. I see what the members are saying. And that’s why the practice has no place in real estate transactions.

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