Change Your Life With The Money You Don’t Spend on Commission.

Our business is about improving your life by leaving more of your home equity with you to invest in yourself.

This year Essential Real Estate’s average home selling client saved $9,000 more in real estate fees than what they would have paid with a 6.0% commission. When the average time on the market is a few days, regardless of the commission rate, paying only for essential real estate services leaves more of your earned equity with you to spend or invest as you wish. 

Invest at 6.0% for Thirteen Years

NAR reports a person is likely to stay in a home for 13 years. Nerd Wallet says your nine thousand will be $19,000 after 13 years when invested at a return of 6.0% compounded annually. 

Instant Gratification

The real estate firm you didn’t pay $9,000 to would pay bills, invest, or spend your dough on instant gratification. We believe you should have the choice to invest or spend more of your home equity. How might you spend nine grand of free money? Downpayment on a luxury car, a recreation property, new appliances, flooring, paint, kitchen or bath remodels, medical procedures you’ve been putting off, higher education, learning to paint, flying, and sailing. Write a book, or start a business? How about getting your real estate license, join us, and pay it forward?

Essential Real Estate, LLC agents are skilled in the licensed responsibilities that matter. Our clients don’t have to save $9,000. They think it’s a good idea to keep more of their money for things that matter most to their families. We agree. 

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