PAC Donations unintentionally fund Efforts to Enact voter supression laws.

The National Association of REALTORS and member associations across the country should pay attention to the voter suppression consequences gaining momentum in States where Republicans hold power. Through the Political Action Committee arms of trade associations REALTORS are heavily invested in politics. By choosing to support candidates who vote favorably on real estate issues, Association PACs are pumping money from members into voter suppression efforts which the members do not support.

The Associations are not misleading members into funding unconstitutional efforts. Enabling unconstitutional laws to be enacted is a consequence of supporting candidates on narrow criteria of a favorable position on self interests.

If members believe it is best to elect lawmakers based on their support of our narrow interests and disregard the consequences of giving these same people the authority to tread on constitutional rights, giving money to a PAC is one way to keep clean hands. For those who don’t seek to hide behind walls of plausible deniability, giving directly to candidates is a responsible alternative. Expecting politicians to agree with everyone on conflicting opinions is what we do and what politicians tell us they will do when seeking votes and money. When the time to vote comes, they have to pick a side. If we like a candidate because they support property tax deductions on income taxes, we better know where they stand on civil rights.

It’s time we see that we’ve elected a significant number of politicians who are not interested in the Constitution of the United States. REALTORS are smart enough to make their own decisions on candidates. Giving money to a PAC reduces the impact of your vote and fuels the efforts to restrict your rights.


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