Competition in Real Estate

Wisconsin consumers have options in selecting real estate professionals. (The WRA has more than 16,000 members). Where alternatives exist, competition should thrive. And competition is the marketplace ingredient that delivers better service and a more comprehensive range of fees. With no shortage of people practicing, real estate brokers must be feeling the pressure to better train agents and lower commission rates. 

The National Association of REALTORS is being pressed by the United States Department of Justice and multiple court cases to be more transparent. This morning I received an email from NAR outlining their position on the competition. Here’s the link:

I believe the Association favors competition to drive brokers to produce higher-skilled REALTORS and alternative business models offering service at a range of prices. Whether or not their actions inspire change across the country is undetermined, but I know our business model is way ahead of the crowd and consumers are seeing the difference.

We created Essential Real Estate to give consumers a choice to work with agents who have better contract awareness and prioritize negotiating better agreements for our clients. After two years, we can prove our strategies reduce selling expenses for home sellers and give our buyers more options to improve their offers without depending on outbidding everyone on price.  

It’s our responsibility to use our knowledge of the real estate business to aid our clients where they most want help; conserving equity and safer negotiations. While the NAR is now working toward more transparency, we’ve been there since 2020. Our clients pay less in commission, receive more ideas to reduce their selling costs, and have more intelligent negotiating advice. 

There are thousands of real estate brokers and salespeople. We’re different. We show you how to increase your profit, decrease selling costs, save on commission, and improve the terms of your offer. 

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