Fair and Reasonable Commission Rates

Our clients don’t pay for cheap service. They have high expectations of us and any professional who they trust. People who trust us to guide them through the sale of their homes are most likely to be fair and reasonable people. I think they see our intent to increase their profit and keep them safe as fair and reasonable.  

You get what you pay for. So, pay for fair and reasonable.

Placing a high price on mediocre doesn’t make something less crummy. The phrase, “you get what you pay for,” suggests otherwise. So, what are you paying for when you pay for real estate brokerage service? I know what I expected when I hired REALTORS. They needed to show me they understood the contracts, possessed ideas to make the market work in my favor, and they would keep our interaction confidential. I’ve never paid a broker six percent commission to sell my house, and I’ve never been disappointed. If that’s what I expect and what I pay for, it makes sense that I deliver the same to my clients. 

Essential Real Estate’s business plan is different than other firms. We intend to guide home selling clients to higher profits, safer contracts, and less worry. Higher profits are a product of eliminating unnecessary expenses and using the strength of the market to increase a seller’s bottom line without depending on just getting a higher price on an offer.

Look at real estate brokers across the country. You can easily find a broker who charges more or less than we charge. I don’t think you will easily find a brokerage firm prepared to show you how they intend to increase your profit and eliminate risk. Essential Real Estate brokers are ready to show you how we increase profits for our clients and eliminate risk and worry. More profit, less worry. That’s what you get when you pay us to sell your home. 

The fee we charge and how we guide you through negotiating the selling costs and terms of the sale are fair and reasonable. You will pay lower commissions with us. You’ll get more of what you pay for. 

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